My SEO Angel Privacy Policy

At My SEO Angel, we prioritize your privacy and value our interactions with you. Whenever you engage with us, whether through a product purchase, technical support, newsletter subscription, or software demo requests, we gather certain personal information to enhance your experience with us.

The essence of collecting this data is to offer a premier level of service. By understanding your preferences, we can keep you informed about the latest on our products, updates, or exclusive offers.

By sharing your name, email, address, or phone number with My SEO Angel and not opting out, you might receive updates on our products and other relevant information from our team and affiliates. Rest assured, outside of our authorized representatives, your information is not shared with any third-party entities.

Essential notifications about product updates and tech support will be sent by My SEO Angel. Such notifications are vital for your product’s optimal function.

However, if you’d rather not receive these communications, you can opt-out. To do so, you can either get in touch with our customer service or follow the opt-out instructions in our emails.

Our website employs visitor log files and cookies, along with tracking mechanisms. This data helps us understand user behavior on our site, ensuring that we can fine-tune our service to better cater to your needs. The information derived from cookies is purely statistical and doesn’t relate to individual identities.

When our website requires personal information, it’s protected using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. While we do our utmost to guard your data, the internet isn’t foolproof. However, once we have your details, they’re stored with utmost security.

Occasionally, My SEO Angel might collaborate with third-party companies for specific services, like direct mail or customer inquiries. These firms will only access the necessary information, and any other use is strictly forbidden.

At times, we might offer contests or promotions with third-party sponsors. If there’s any data sharing involved, you’ll be informed before you share any personal information. In rare situations where the law mandates it, we may disclose personal information.

For any billing disputes, My SEO Angel requires a 30-day window to settle before you approach a third-party bank or credit card company. Should we face a premature chargeback before the dispute resolution, we reserve the right to levy charges for the time spent addressing the matter and any associated costs. While we strive to address chargebacks, outstanding amounts might be sent to collection agencies. If a chargeback is received, account suspension can occur until the issue is settled.

All claims or disputes, whether related to billing or our services, will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas.

We request that customers provide My SEO Angel a 30-day period to conclude any availed services before involving third-party banks or halting services. Note that while service fees, including marketing, web, and app development services, are typically nonrefundable, we assess each refund request on a case-by-case basis.